The Year We are Currently in

2013, 1913, 2006, 1906

The year is 2013.  When referring to the year we are in during a conversation, we say “Two thousand thirteen”.  Now consider the year one hundred years ago, 1913.  During conversation you would refer to that year as “Nineteen thirteen” not “One thousand nine hundred thirteen”.  Why do we say “Two thousand thirteen” for 2013, instead of “Twenty thirteen”?    To go farther, think of 1903.  We don’t refer to it as “One thousand nine hundred three” or even “Nineteen zero three”.  We think of it as “Nineteen O –the letter ‘o’- three”.  As before, in the year 2006, we didn’t say “Twenty O six”.  We said “Two thousand six”.  Why do we do this?


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My doll blog: My photography blog: I love to write just about anything including novels, short stories, scenes, reports, and poems. My series of books, The By Kids for Kids Series, is available to purchase on for Kindle, and for Nook. You can learn more about my books at I also sew doll clothes, primarily American Girl Doll clothes. On my blog,, I post many of the things I sew for dolls. Not only do I write and sew, I also spend a good amount of time reading, acting, singing, playing piano and dancing (Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap).
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