A Bread and Butter Note Originally Written by Jo Cose

Dear Mrs. Tilley,

I can’t believe that you took me along on your family vacation last month!  I had never been to Disneyland, Europe, Australia, Africa, or Asia!  It was an experience I will never forget!

It was a blast the whole way through, but I must say the most exciting parts were when the plane took off.  I had never been on a plane before!

I had a great time with Lily and I will always treasure the vacation.

Let me know when your next vacation will be!  I would be happy to tag along!

With love,

Your Coffee Cup


About Victoria

My doll blog: http://reveriedolls.blogspot.com/ My photography blog: http://titleofblogblog.blogspot.com/ I love to write just about anything including novels, short stories, scenes, reports, and poems. My series of books, The By Kids for Kids Series, is available to purchase on Amazon.com for Kindle, and Barnesandnoble.com for Nook. You can learn more about my books at TheByKidsforKids.wix.com. I also sew doll clothes, primarily American Girl Doll clothes. On my blog, http://victorialsmithauthor.blogspot.com/, I post many of the things I sew for dolls. Not only do I write and sew, I also spend a good amount of time reading, acting, singing, playing piano and dancing (Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap).
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