Upcoming Movies!


Finding Dory a sequel to Finding Nemo, is planned for release on June 17, 2016 (Disney-Pixar).

On March 4, 2016, Zootopia (Disney), is scheduled to be released.  Zootopia is about a fox who is on the run, because he is accused of a crime he did not commit.

June 18, 2016 may hold How to Train Your Dragon 3 (DreamWorks).


According to the New York Times, Disney is planning live action versions of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella to be released in 2015.

A Disney-Pixar animated film called Inside Out is set in a little girl’s mind is also scheduled to be released on June 19, 2015.

The Good Dinosaur (Pixar) is about a dinosaur who befriends a caveboy.  Release date is November 25, 2015.


Mr. Peabody and Sherman (DreamWorks Animation) is about a boy and a dog that time travel.  It will be in theaters March 7, 2014.  Click here to learn more.

Rio 2 from Blue Sky Studios follows Blu, Jewel, and their three kids while they take a trip to the Amazon.  In theaters April 11, 2014.  Click here to learn more.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (DreamWorks) is about the discovery of an ice cave which holds new dragons previously undiscovered.  Scheduled June 13, 2014.


Frozen (Disney) will be in theaters November 27, 2013.  Click here for the official website.


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