Creating Your Acting Resume

Need an acting resume for an audition and don’t have one?  The YeahBuddy! team can help!


The purpose of the acting resume is for directors and casting directors to have an overview of your experience.  They want to see what you have done, so they know you have the potential and ability.


  • Don’t make it longer than 1 page.  Keep the most important items, and leave out the least important if you have to
  • Font should be Calibri or something else that is easy to read.
  • Font size should ideally be 12, to make it big enough to read at a glance.
  • Use a normal margin size, such as 1″ on all sides.
  • Put your first and last name in bold (font size 14) at the top of the page where it can be read clearly.  If you use your middle initial or name as a stage name be sure to include it.
  • Below your name in font size 12, you may include a phone number and email.
  • Justified left should be your age, hair color, eye color, weight, and height.  This tells a little about your appearance.
  • Below this information, in bold and all capitals write CREDITS.
  • Following that, put each category in bold, but not capitals.  See the example resume below.
  • Italicize each show name.
  • For films and TV, put the type of role, not the role name.  For example Guest Star, Extra, Lead, Supporting.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do the resume extremely clear to read
  • Do make it professional
  • Don’t lie about experience
  • Don’t make it more than one page

Categories on the Resume

Categories may include:

  • Theater is any performing in a show or production that you have done.  Information should be listed in three columns.  These three columns should be placed on the right, middle and left.  The right column should include the show name.  The middle column should have information such as role type and the left column should have the theater which the show was done with.
  • Film can be any non-commercial work that has been done on a set.  This includes short films, independent films, and movies.
  • Television includes appearing on a TV series.
  • Commercials should not be listed.  For experience in that area put ‘Available Upon Request’.
  • Modeling is any photo shoots.
  • Training can include dance, acting, singing, or any training related to performing.
  • Special Skills could be anything from playing baseball to being a published novelist.  Get creative.

If you have experience under any of these, put it on the resume.


We will use an example young actress, Sara Jones, and look at some example resumes of what a 8-18 year old’s resume might look like.

Example 1 (click to view larger): Beginner’s Resume

example resume 1a

Example 2 (click to view larger): Intermediate Resume

resume example 1

Example 3 (Click to view larger): Advanced/Professional Resume

example resume 3

Alternate format (Click to view larger):

This is an alternate format, but the format of the examples above is recommended.

example resume 4a

Additional references for your convenience

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