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My doll blog: My photography blog: I love to write just about anything including novels, short stories, scenes, reports, and poems. My series of books, The By Kids for Kids Series, is available to purchase on for Kindle, and for Nook. You can learn more about my books at I also sew doll clothes, primarily American Girl Doll clothes. On my blog,, I post many of the things I sew for dolls. Not only do I write and sew, I also spend a good amount of time reading, acting, singing, playing piano and dancing (Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap).

May Birthdays of Historical Figures

Birthdays in May of Historical People…. Does one share your birthday? Johannes Brahms, May 7 — German composer Tchaikovsky, May 7 — Russian composer  J. M. Barrie, May 9 — author of the orginal book, Peter Pan Advertisements

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April Birthdays of Historical Figures

Birthdays in April of Historical People…. Does one share your birthday? Hans Christian Anderson, April 2 — wrote The Little Mermaid book which was made into a Disney move. Harry Houdini, April 6 — a famous magician! Thomas Jefferson, April … Continue reading

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Online College Courses at Hillsdale College

Want to learn more at a higher level?  Hillsdale College in Michigan offers free online classes. They’re current classes are History 101, History 102, Introduction to the Constitution, Constitution 101, Constitution 102, and most recent Economics 101. The classes include lectures, readings, a study … Continue reading

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Kid Monologues for Auditions

Monologue A monologue is a “long speech given by a character in a story, movie, play, etc., or by a performer”. It should have a precise beginning and ending, with an interest provoking interior.  It should show off your acting ability … Continue reading

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Creating Your Acting Resume

Need an acting resume for an audition and don’t have one?  The YeahBuddy! team can help! Intro The purpose of the acting resume is for directors and casting directors to have an overview of your experience.  They want to see … Continue reading

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How to Find Your Vocal Range

How to Find Your Vocal Range   First of all, why would you want to find your vocal range? A few reasons.  When looking at songs and determining if it needs to be transposed so you can sing it, knowing your vocal range … Continue reading

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British Dialect (Accent)

DIALECT EXERCISES British Father passed down the primrose path. The a’s in this sentence sound more like ‘ah’. He did not know he possessed the old and holy stone. Make your mouth into a circle to annunciate the ‘o’ in … Continue reading

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Audition Song Ideas – For Kids

This is an aid to the blog post Preparing Yourself for an Audition!.  Visit that post to learn about the process of choosing a song. Remember, the song you choose should be appropriate for your age and gender.  It should also … Continue reading

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Upcoming Movies!

2016 Finding Dory,  a sequel to Finding Nemo, is planned for release on June 17, 2016 (Disney-Pixar). On March 4, 2016, Zootopia (Disney), is scheduled to be released.  Zootopia is about a fox who is on the run, because he is accused of … Continue reading

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What is Braille? For Kids

A post about Braille from author Victoria L. Smith! What is Braille? Braille is a method of reading and writing for the blind or visually impaired. How does it work? You may have noticed that in most public places when … Continue reading

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